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Marketing Policy Restructure

We launched this project with one goal in mind: Revolutionizing our client’s marketing policy without increasing costs. We aimed for a brand new look and implemented advanced social media tools. The results are amazing - get in touch if you want to learn more!

3-Year Strategic Planning

In a busy, unpredictable marketplace, long-term planning often seems impossible. Enter the strategic planning project, one of our company’s flagship enterprises. In this project, we analyzed hundreds of reports and offered a 3-year strategic planning solution catered to our client’s needs. Want to hear how it’s done? Call us today.

Software Migration Consultancy


Our clients approached us when they realised they can no longer use their outdated platform. They wanted an upgrade, but were concerned about losing data and incurring costs. Our specialists suggested a 4-step migration process that allowed a smooth, secure and fast transition. Call us today if you want to hear more.

Recruitment and Career Development Planning 

This project was first launched in order to help college graduates plan the next 5 years in their careers. We soon learned that in today’s market, the demand for career experts is huge, and hence expanded the project to meet the needs of additional sectors. If you want to join this project, give us a call.

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