Empathy first.

Blind spots can hinder our ability to innovate and grow. We may need to unlearn to re-learn. Change ourselves in order to change who and how we serve. Let me help you identify and navigate your blind spots.


Focus on people.

If you have employees, customers, clients, users or patients, they are all human beings for whom we need to inclusively design and manage their experiences with your cultures, products, services and processes.



Stretch. Reach. Be bold.

You may already know the "from" and the "to" of your transformation, but do you know the tools and techniques to get there?

Let's make it happen.


Turning "Aha!" Moments

into Mindset Change 


Sarah Alt


I am in the business of creating “Aha!” moments for you. String enough of these moments together and we’re changing mindsets. I love the look in your eyes and the goosebumps we get when it clicks in. You may be the world’s largest manufacturer of gasoline-powered engines, a family-owned home builder, or an organization serving the needs of homeless people. My passion is changing your mindset to be in the business of providing power for all, moving lives to create new memories, or providing dignity for those in greatest need. Mindset changes require engaging with people - you, your colleagues and your clients. We start with empathy, next we solve your greatest innovations, accelerations and transformations. No organization should feel these moments are out of reach. Let’s create “Aha!” moments together.