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Our assessments are opening black boxes of algorithms, analytics, automation and artificial intelligence to achieve explainable and human-centered decisions.


Our action plans encourage technology to be used to benefit all human beings and generations. We must enable inclusion and diversity throughout the system's lifecycle.



Our continuous improvement program puts methods in place for disruptive technology to respect fundamental rights, ensure ethical purpose and not cause unintentional harm.


Sarah Alt is the president and owner of Triple Ten Consulting. She is professionally certified in lean process improvement, supply chain, and inclusion, and has over 20 years of experience in helping organizations achieve the greatest value from their technology investments. Sarah leads Triple Ten Consulting’s Glass Box Initiative. Triple Ten Consulting is an IEEE Standards Association member and a member of the European Union’s AI Alliance, a global network of organizations developing ethics guidelines for trustworthy AI. Triple Ten Consulting audits, measures, and improves the explainability and ethical alignment of an organization’s algorithms, analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence.


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